Hey I'm Kim.
20 year old animation student from The Netherlands who likes to draw, read, cosplay and listening to music.
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Juuzou Suzuya's first appearance


Sass is the best way to avoid getting fined


bring it on


nailed this design


Haikyuu!! ep.21 | Sugawara Koushi appreciation post


gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

"Sometimes Hinata gets this intimidating air about him... He probably isn't conscious of it..."

Track: Let's Get It On
Artist: Marvin Gaye
majestictelekinetic asked: 1, 2, 6, 11 (what even are those), 19, 21 (bring it), 44 aaand 46?

1: Favorite album?
Black Holes and Revelations

2: Favorite song?
Okay all the links are to the live versions of these songs because in my opinion, their music is way better live.
Darkshines, Stockholm Syndrome and Map of the Problematique

11: Can you name all the Wolstenbabies? (no cheating)
Uh… no I can’t name a single one….
And wolstenbabies are the kids of Chris Wolstenholme, the bassist.
So far when muse brought out a new album Chris would have a new kid…  

19: How many posters?
I don’t have that much merchandise but I have all the cd’s, 4 buttons and I had a shirt but that one was stolen from me. 

21: Favorite Muse joke?
Ohmygod this question is more cruel then the ”favorite song” one.
But I’m gonna go with this live mistakes/bloopers compilation
Around 01:00 Matt slaps Dom’s butt.
I was there, at that concert.
Oh and 03:33 OMFG I’M ABOUT TO CRY

44: Queen yay or nay?
Yay :D

46: Can you say the alphabet backwards?








Thermochromic table by Jay Watson

imagine banging someone on that table

imagine being home alone and seeing imprints on that table

noooooo stop

Imagine having a friend sit at that table for a long while, but when they get up there’s no imprints at all.

What if you got up after trying to console a crying friend, and found that you had no imprints… and they were crying because they missed you?

This went from being inappropriate, to being scary an to just being something sad…